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Editing is the process of improving existing writing. Depending on the source material, editing may be anything from a simple light copy edit to a more substantial and structural edit. The editing process ensures you get your message across with greater clarity and style, enhancing and polishing content while maintaining the writer's original voice.

When editing digital content, I will ensure the copy is optimised for google searches by ensuring headings, metatags and keywords are used for optimum advantage.


Proofreading is the final check of typeset copy and is essential for a squeaky clean publication. You don't want your blog or promotional flyer being featured on an 'apostrophe man' website. Don't feed the grammar nazis.

Text design

Good text design is essential to facilitate effective communication with your audience. Choices in font, text size, spacing and colour can make (or break) your written content. While legibility is key, the typographical design should also reflect your brand.

About Kim

It might seem contradictory to be highly creative and have an annoyingly pedantic attention to detail - but these are the essential skills an editor requires. I don’t just fix your written copy, I can make it shine. My clients include fiction authors, web-developers and corporates. With over 10 years' in-house experience editing both digital and hard-copy publications, I have the experience and skills to bring your written copy up to the highest standard.

Of course I would say that - but here is one recent review.

" website still felt like 'me' after implementing the changes she suggested. Kim was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend her service."

Steph of K9 Convoy

My qualifications

Bachelor of Arts, Communications (UTS)
Certificate II Proofreading & Editing (RMIT)

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