Greypreneur? Talk to my colourist!

Cartoon picture of woman with bright blue hair

“Oh *chortle chortle* – those old folks are starting their own businesses!” At least that’s the subtext I get when I see this new, made-up, word. Personally, I don’t find it that funny. There is a serious reason why older workers are setting themselves up as self-employed, and it’s no laughing matter.

Businesses are shedding their older workers in droves, and other businesses are not on-employing them. A newly redundant worker over 50 will be out of paid employment, on average, for 72 weeks. You read that right – 72 weeks! And when they do re-enter the paid workforce, the capacity at which they re-enter (full-time, part-time, skilled/unskilled) is not defined.

Incredibly, there are more people over 50 (who have skills, expertise and knowledge) on work-for-the-dole schemes, than inexperienced youngsters under the age of 22.

And these statistics are just the known numbers! Many unemployed older workers never register with Centrelink.

Is it any wonder that older workers are turning to small business to, in effect, create their own job? It’s a logical step considering that age discrimination in the workforce is rife, and virtually impossible to prove.

So, spare us the cutsie, and somewhat demeaning, label. And I am not grey! That’s why I have a colourist.

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